Indonesian House of Representatives President Puan Maharani thanked the Indonesian men’s badminton team for their success in winning the 2020 Thomas Cup.


“Some time ago, the Badminton Women’s Doubles Team was able to win the first Olympic gold medal in Indonesian history. Now, the Thomas Cup trophy can also be returned 19 years later. This year is really Indonesian It’s the moment of the resurrection of badminton, “Puan said on Monday (October 18, 2021).

Puan urged the government to pay more attention to badminton, both in terms of coaching and budget. Badminton is a sport that has the potential to bring many results to Indonesia.

“The government must continue to pay attention to the development of badminton so that the golden tradition of badminton, especially the Indonesian Olympics and the Thomas Cup, will continue to be maintained,” Puan said.

Puan expressed pride and gratitude to all athletes, coaches and badminton officials in Indonesia who have won the 14th Thomas Cup since their last victory at the event in 2002.

Red and white on the athlete’s chest

He was unable to raise the red and white flag during the trophy award ceremony at the Thomas Cup because Indonesia was approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), but this did not reduce red and white. I admitted that I was grateful for that. A team that does its best for the country.

“When athletes, coaches, officials, and all Indonesians participate in solemnly singing the Indonesia Raya national anthem with their right hand on their chests, the red and white flags actually” float “on our chests. “There is,” Puan said.

PDIP politicians want the government and related agencies to resolve WADA’s problems quickly. He reminded Indonesia that it cannot host regional and global sports championships as long as sanctions are still in place.

“Of course, this will affect Indonesia’s good name in the field of sports. In addition, the Indonesian team will raise the national flag by naming it in regional, continental and world championships, except for the Olympics. I can’t. “