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Residents of South Central Timor Install Free Electricity, Ma’ruf Amin: Keep Saving
Benang October 17, 2021


Vice President (Wapres) Ma’ruf Amin has begun launching free power installation assistance for qualified communities in the Timor Tengaseratan Regency.
This was done on Sunday, October 17, 2021 when NTT was considering a PLN showcase for a program that provides electricity and stunts.

“I declare that the new power facility support program for the qualified community of Timor Tengaseratan Regency is beginning to brighten and can be enjoyed by the local community,” said Ma’ruf Amin at NTT’s Kupang. Reported in a written broadcast. Monday (October 18, 2021). ).

He said free electrical support is expected to be optimally used by the community and can support children’s educational facilities.

“It’s to be used to the fullest extent possible, yet to save existing electricity and benefit children so that they can study well and regularly,” Ma’ruf Amin said. rice field.

the goal
In 2021, the general manager of the PLN main unit of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Augustine of Hippo was electrified by PLN from 278 to 245 villages in the Central and Southern Timor Regency. The rest is still in the program next year.

“Next year, the Vice President can finish it, and we will also build daily throughout NTT State, especially in South Timor Tengah. We are a program from the National Team (TNP2K) for Accelerating Poverty Reduction. I would like to do, “Agustinus explained.

For reference, PT PLN (Persero)’s efforts to build a basic power infrastructure through the village’s power program (lisdes) by building a lisdes network in nine villages (2021) in South Timor Tengah. .. The total budget spent is IDR 30.8 billion.

The advantage of the village’s electricity program is that it increases the productivity of the inhabitants, drives the economy and improves the welfare of the villagers, and then the presence of electricity connection support prevents NTT’s stunting by improving the local economy. Is to help. A special program to prevent stunting by PLNNTT community parent units through Posyandu Cadre Training with the tagline “Prevent stunting throughout the first 1,000 days of life” in Corbano and Nunsen villages.