Motorsport and duck types usually use chains to turn the rear wheels. It is a component that moves frequently, so you need to be careful. Don’t forget to check the chain every 500-1000 km or after washing your bike.


When replacing the gear set, if the chain is stiff and loose, the chain needs to be replaced. The condition does not change after cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment.

“Chain gear wear is one of the causes of chain loosening. If gear wear exceeds specifications, the chain will usually remain loose even when the chain is set to maximum. Chain gear set That is, replace the smaller gears, and the larger gears, “added Riyadi Prihantono, After-Sales CS Manager at PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

According to Riady, indicators that the chain is unsuitable or damaged are loud noises, the surface of the chain is worn, the chain is prone to loosening, the motorcycle is pulled heavily, and the motor output is optimal. Indicates that there is no.

Riyadi suggested that the chain should not be adjusted too tightly or too loosely. The tension of the chain must be maintained within the specified limits. The tension limit (play) of the chain is stated in the owner’s manual and is usually in the range of 25-35 mm.

“If the chain is too tight, it puts a strain on the engine and other components, but if it is too loose, it can come off and damage other components,” he explained.

Lubrication of the chain

When adjusting the chain, place the vehicle on a level surface. Use the main stand or center standard to balance the motor and allow the rear wheels to rotate freely.

Then turn the rear wheel a few times to find the tightest position. Check the slack of the chain and adjust if it is out of specification. After adjustment, move the chain and check the smooth movement of the chain and the condition of the chain gear. If wear occurs, replace the gearset and chain.

In addition to keeping the tightness of the chain within the specified range, lubrication is performed so that the chain moves smoothly without being disturbed by dirt and dust that normally adheres and causes rust, and the movement of the chain is not smooth. You need to ensure that the chain gear wears out. I’ll be out soon.

“Avoid lubricating the chain with used oil or oil that does not comply with the recommended specifications. The chain may rust, stretch, stiffen, or the chain gear may wear out quickly. There is, “Riyadi concludes.