I told Lentin, the head of the Bali Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), that on Saturday (16/10) the physical loss from the earthquake at the Karangasem Regency in Bali with a magnitude of 4.8 was 991.5 million. Estimated to be rupiah. Or almost 1 billion rupiah.


“Not only were residents’ homes and many sanctuaries damaged, but various public facilities were also damaged,” Lentin said in Denpasar on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

A total of 269 homes were severely damaged and 302 were slightly damaged in the quake-affected Karangasem Regency and Banli Regency, according to data collection on Sunday afternoon (17/10). 39 public facilities were damaged. ..

Damaged public facilities include village offices, health centers, burns, and educational facilities.

In addition, 21 units of Peringi (sacred building) were severely damaged, and many temples and temples were also damaged. At Banli Regency, there were 5 families or even 19 people who had to evacuate due to the earthquake.

An earthquake on land 8km northwest of the Karangasum Regency also killed three people and injured 83 (severe and minor).

“The local BPBD coordinated with relevant agencies to carry out evacuation and data collection. Similarly, Karangasem Regency BPBD and Social Services distributed logistics and family tents,” Lentin quoted by Antara. I said as it was done.

In addition, while BNPB General Ganip Warsito is visiting the Karangasem Regency earthquake site and the emergency response post at Keddisan Wharf in Banri, this Sunday there will be plenty of support such as family tents and ready-to-eat food. Provided packages, dietary supplements, medical masks, soaps, hand wash, hand sanitizers.

Many severely damaged villages

The Van Li Regency, a road to many villages severely affected by the earthquake in the Bukit Avan region, had three landslide points for evacuation from the lake.

“The urgent need now is for medical and medical teams, family tents, tarpaulins and refugee tents. The quick response team installed family tents and handed over direct support. Similarly, BPBD Banguri The Regency has set up a field post, “said Lentin. ..

The damage of the Karangasem Regency has spread to several villages: Bang, Druk, Rendang, Penpatan, Jungtan and Amertabana. Meanwhile, the damage of Bangli Regency has spread to the village of Terunyan, Avan Batu Wall and Avan Songan.