Google has released a major update to its mobile platform search capabilities. Google search on mobile devices will now appear in a continuous scrolling or continuous view format, similar to what social media looks like.


As is known, Google search results are displayed page by page. Therefore, with this update, all search results will be displayed at once and the next page will be loaded immediately.

According to the company, a quote from Ars Technica on Monday (October 18, 2021), this view makes it easier for users to search for more Google search results. In addition, according to Google, most people who need additional information will only see up to four pages of total search results.

Google said the new display is still in pilot operation and is gradually being rolled out for English search on US mobile platforms. Therefore, it is not yet known if this view will be expanded to users in other regions.

Google, on the other hand, previously notified users when search results changed rapidly, especially with regard to headlines. Currently, some searches return warnings such as “This result seems to be changing rapidly.”

In addition, the subtitle states, “If this topic is new, it may take some time for trusted sources to add results.”

Google search warns users when search results are unreliable

Google’s suggested blog post allows users to double-check when they find more search results.

So far, this notification appears in English search results based in the United States. Google says it will expand this tool to other markets in the coming months.

“Google search always provides the most useful results, but sometimes the trusted information you’re looking for isn’t online yet,” said The Verge’s.

Google also said that notifications from Google apply to the latest news and topics under development. According to Google, the results of published information may not be the most reliable when the news is still evolving.

This Google-owned tool was first reported by Recode, based on a tweet from Stanford University Internet Observatory researcher Renee DiResta. An example screenshot of a Google search screen showing the query “ufo can fly at 106mph”.

This reference came out when a user searched for 2016 UFO sightings in Wales. At that time, the search results displayed did not contain any warnings.

“Someone published a video of this police report in Wales, and it had little media coverage. Little is known about this information yet,” Google Search Public Liaison Danny Sullivan told Recode. Told.

Sullivan also said that many people are looking for UFOs and this topic is starting to become a trend. In addition to these examples, Google also provided false information after the shootings.