The Covid-19 pandemic situation exposes tourist attractions to increasing demand. Managers also twist their hearts to enjoy the flow. One of them is La’Ranch Glamping Adventure in Pekalongan.


Founded 2.5 years ago, the tourist destination initially only opened children’s restaurants and educational vehicles. There are various functions such as learning how to ride, gardening, and playing with rabbits and sheep. The manager then added the facility by opening a luxurious camp called Glamping.

“We don’t have ranch-themed glamping yet, especially in Central Java. We take Indian and cowboy-themed ranch-themed glamping,” La’ Agus Setianto, General Operations Supervisor at Ranch Glamping Adventure, told on Friday. October 15, 2021.

According to Agus, glamping was held to bring tourists closer to nature. “Our concept is that the tent feels more comfortable. Unlike regular hotels and villas, you can just enter the room and enjoy the nature in the building alone,” he adds. I did.

This attraction is aimed at families, especially young families. As a result, overnight visitors are prepared for a variety of activities that can evoke a sense of unity, especially between parents and children. Facilities such as barbecue, playing with rabbits, archery and ball play can be enjoyed by the whole family.

“Usually people want a TV, so I don’t do it here. (If you have a TV) the moment breaks. For example, a mother likes soap opera and never wants to miss it, so a father can open it. You can. The WA group at work, finally the kid runs on his cell phone again. We don’t want it, “Agus said.

“So we really want to go back to nature, where we want to focus, pay special attention to each other and work together in nature,” he adds. rice field.

Create exciting moments

Agus said this glamping location helps to relax the mind. The reason is that you can enjoy the morning atmosphere while having breakfast while listening to the birds singing.

La Ranch Glamping Adventure also offers visitors a torrent tour. There are also gardening activities where other visitors can use the crops to cook for themselves.

“We have prepared 100,000 seeds for this planting, so they come and invite people in the city who know they haven’t planted yet,” Agus said. Told. We hope that you can create exciting moments and make new friends in a cohesive atmosphere.

Visitors need to prepare Rp.390,000 per tent to stay at this tourist attraction with an area of ​​5.5 hectares. Facilities provided include beds for 2 people, air conditioning, mineral water, toiletries, free WIFI and activities. The tent can be used by one family, father, mother and two small children.