The law is designed to protect someone legally. The Electronic Information Transactions Act or the ITE Act is no exception. This law was created to protect the basic rights and freedoms of all individuals and to prevent their rights and freedoms from being violated.


However, some people do not understand the ITE law after seeing the Supreme Court and Emtek Digital’s MA Goes to Campus activity under the theme of “Review of the ITE Law: Freedom of Expression in Social Media.”

The event will take place on Thursday (7/10) in the Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel’s ballroom in a hybrid fashion and will be available live again on Saturday (16/10/2021) at 14.00WIB on Vidio.

Under the theme of “Review of ITE Law: Freedom of Expression in Social Media”, MA Goes To Campus is the main speaker, Dr. Riki Perdana Raya Waul, SH. .. MH; Emtek Digital’s Senior Manager of Creative Planning & Strategy, Evanggala Rasuli; Content Creator and Musician, Fathia Izzati.

At this event, MA Goes to Campus invited many students from various universities in Yogyakarta. We hope that this event will be an educational forum and will be an interesting discussion for students.

In addition to reviewing the ITE Act, this activity will also discuss a variety of interesting things such as social media development, personal branding, creative expression, and restrictions from a media perspective.

In particular, the Supreme Court’s judicial judge also explained many interesting facts about the vocational privileges of the Supreme Court and judges.

At the end of the event, MA Goes To Campus screened a short film titled “Message with Meaning” starring Donnie Alamshar. There are many positive messages from the movie. Suitable as a reference for young judges and students.